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JRRET(Vol 3 Issue 6)-June-2016
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Title :On Certain Applications of Semi groups
Author (s) : Dr.M.MaryJansi Rani, K.Abinayapriya,and K.P.Muhamed haneefa

Title :Early Detection and Prevention of Melanoma on Automated Skin Lesion using Dual Classifier
Author (s) : P. Pavitha, T.K. Bharathi

Title :Maximization Profit of Resource Cost and Service Price Scheme Used in Cloud Computing
Author (s) : E. Sharmila, S. Vidhya

Title :Vehicle Counting Method Based on Gaussian Mixture Models by Adjusting the Region of Interest under Heavy Traffic Condition
Author (s) : P.S. Sindhu, T.K. Bharathi

Title :Exploring Security Using Graphical Password One Time Dynamic Persuasive Cued Click Point
Author (s) : Uday Kumar, Shanthi.S