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Instructions for Authors

Instructions for Authors

Journal of Recent Research in Engineering and Technology will be published monthly with an excellent and constructive peer review process.

Journal Policy

It is journal policy to publish only original and unpublished research work therefore Journal of Recent Research in Engineering and Technology does not wish to receive any papers on research work that has already been reported in parts or contains already published text, data, figures, tables or other illustrations or any copyright materials whatsoever that has been submitted or accepted for publication either in a journal or conference proceedings elsewhere in any form, in print or in electronic media. When submitting a manuscript, authors should make a full statement to the Editor-in-Chief or Editors that the research work contained in their manuscript is completely original and unpublished. If redundant or duplicate publication is attempted or occurs authors should expect immediate editorial action to be taken including prompt rejection of the submitted manuscript. Submission of any manuscript that contains redundant or duplicate publication of the same or very similar research work violates the policies of this journal.

It is the sole responsibility of all authors to ensure that all manuscripts are new, original and not published previously in any form any media, shall not infringe upon or violate any kind of copyrights of others and does not contains any plagiarized, fraudulent and improperly attributed materials. Extended and modified versions of previously published abstracts, papers in any conference or journal are not allowed whatsoever.

Corresponding author should provide a clear statement confirming this while submitting manuscript to journal. Is this manuscript 100% original and unpublished? Has this manuscript been published in parts (figures/text/tables) in any conference proceedings or journal in any media or language or format whatsoever? Is this manuscript from free from plagiarism (including self-plagiarism) and copyright infringement? Authors must follow this "Journal Policy" strictly.


Authors are encouraged to submit high quality original research work that has not been published or nor under consideration by other journals elsewhere. Authors are requested to submit their papers electronically to


It is authors' responsibility to obtain written copyright permissions from other sources (publishers) for reproduction of any figures, tables, photos, illustrations, text or other copyright materials from previously published work. For the mutual benefit and protection of authors and publishers it is necessary, upon acceptance of the manuscript authors provide formal written consent to publish and transfer of Copyright Form with their manuscript and send the signed copy of the same to the journal

Publication times

Your paper will appear online as soon as it is ready, in advance of print version.

Reviewing Procedure

In order to ensure that the highest quality manuscripts are published, reviewing process is carried out in two stages. A mandatory editor's approval is required in the first stage for the manuscripts before it is submitted to the peer review process in the second stage.

Once the paper passes the first stage, it will be sent to the different reviewers for reviewing the paper. According to the reports from reviewers, the editor will then take decision whether the paper accepted as it is, revised, or rejected.

To speed up the reviewing process, editors will communicate with authors and the referees via email. Editors will not return manuscripts to authors and keep any records whatsoever after a formal decision has been made about the manuscript. Editors have the right to reject the manuscript.

Manuscript Processing Fees

These Article Processing Charges replace subscription charges and allow publishers to make the full-text of every published article freely available to all interested readers.

Publishing an article in Journal of Recent Research in Engineering and Technology requires Article Processing Charges as 65€ . for standared research article

Manuscript Preparation

The manuscript should be prepared on a standard A4 size portrait setting paper. It should be prepared with a 1.15 line spaced 1 inch margin for left, right, top and bottom. It should be typed in Cambria font and it should be in the following sequence: Title Page, abstract and keywords, Main Text (Introduction, Literature Survey, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusion), Acknowledgement (optional) and references. Manuscript submissions are accepted in MS Word, other formats will not be accepted.

Title The title of the paper should characterize the contents of the paper. It should be in 16 point type size, capitalized (except prepositions and conjuctions), bold-faced and center aligned.
Author (s) Name & Affiliation
The authors name (s), affiliation and address should in 11 type size, center aligned.
1First Author, 2Second Author
1First Author Affiliation,2Second Author Affiliation

Abstract :The abstract should state briefly the purpose of the research, the principal results and major conclusions and should not exceed 250 words. References should be avoided and also non-standard or uncommon abbreviations should be avoided. Abstract should be typed in single column. Use 11-point type size.

Keywords :Abstract should be followed by a minimum of four keywords. Use 10-point type size

Main Text: :The main text should be typed in double column with width 2.88 inches and spacing 0.5 inches. Use 11-point type size

Introduction :This section should be succinct, with no subheadings.

Headings and Subheadings:All Main headings and sub headings should be capitalized, bold-faced and left aligned. Footnotes should be avoided. All headings and sub headings should be in 12 point type size.

Equations :All the equations should be typed using Microsoft Equation Editor and they should be numbered sequentially with Arabic numerals. Reference to the equation should use the form 'Eq. (1)'. Equations should be editable and should not appear in the picture format.

Tables :Tables should be numbered with Arabic numerals and must have a short descriptive title placed at the top. It should be ensured that all the tables are properly cited in the text.

Conclusion :This should clearly explain the main conclusions of the work highlighting its importance and relevance.

Acknowledgment :All acknowledgments (if any) should be included at the very end of the paper before the references and may include supporting grants, presentations, and so forth. References: Authors are responsible for ensuring that the information in each reference is complete and accurate. All references must be numbered consecutively and citations of references in text should be identified using numbers in square brackets (e.g., 'as discussed by Smith [9]'; 'as discussed elsewhere [9, 10]'). All references should be cited within the text; otherwise, these references will be automatically removed.

Reference list :Journal article: Author, X.Y., Author, R.S. & Author, A.B., year, title, journal name, vol(issue), Book: Author, X.Y., Author, R.S. & Author, A.B., year, book title, Eds. (2) (Edition number), publisher, volume number. Chapter of a book: Author, X.Y., Author, R.S. & Author, A.B., year, Chapter title, in book name,, Eds. (2) (Edition number), publisher, volume number. Conference proceedings: Author, X.Y., Author, R.S. & Author, A.B., year, title, in proc. of conference name, Vol, Acknowledgements: if any, should be placed between conclusions and references.

Conflict of Interest

Authors are requested to reveal possible conflict of interest including personal (if any) or financial. The source of private, corporate and institutional financial support for the work must be acknowledged under heading conflict of interest.

Proofs :Corrected proofs must be returned to the publisher within 2-3 days of receipt. The publisher will do everything possible to ensure prompt publication. It will therefore be appreciated if the manuscripts and figures conform from the outset to the style of the journal.

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