Journal of Recent Research in Engineering and Technology (JRRET) is a peer reviewed open access Journal. JRRET is founded with the aim of analyze new inventions and recent technologies in the field of all Engineering discipline. JRRET is provided with high quality and innovative articles submitted by research scholars, students and Industrial experts.

Our Journal offers great support and services to make the researcher’s conference or research papers reachable all over the world. JRRET offers a platform to engage any new researcher with experts in research Institutions, results in increase the effectiveness and efficiency of research. JRRET’s published articles on research or review are offered with unrestricted access and international standards.. JRRET accomplishes with our Editorial team as our editors select articles regarding its inventiveness, new approaches, convenience and surprising conclusion.The scope of this journal include but are not limited to,

Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
Information Engineering and Technology
Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Automation and Mechatronics Engineering
Material and Chemical Engineering
Civil and Architecture Engineering
Biotechnology and Bio Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Marine and Agriculture engineering
Aerospace Engineering

Our Features

  • Open access to all analysts.
  • Immediate connection to extract on each one article
  • Rapid publication process
  • Global coverage
  • Peer-reviewed, high impact research
  • High visibility and international readership in your field